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About TourOnePlanet

TourOnePlanet is re-creating a system that empowers local travel vendors with the choice of determining tourism’s impact on economic and social development within their own communities.

  • Problem:

    • The traditional travel system exploits emerging destinations as multinational corporations syphon off large portions of revenue that should remain for local vendors and their communities. In many emerging destinations around the world, 90% of revenue spent by tourists is unable to circulate within the host economy. Around 40% of the revenue spent for curated tours is retained by multinational tour operators and unable to be taxed within the host economy. Often, only 5% of that revenue ends up being distributed to the guides who are the leaders and on-ground operators for those curated tours. Tourism has immense potential to provide powerful economic opportunities within emerging destinations, but the perpetuation of the traditional system has made these opportunities unachievable.

  • Solution:

    • Until now, local travel vendors within emerging destinations have not had direct market access to experiential travelers who are looking for authentic, unique and cultural experiences. The TourOnePlanet marketplace enables experiential travelers to connect directly to local travel vendors in a safe, secure and transparent way. This exchange not only gives travelers life changing experiences, but empowers local people to dictate the future impact of tourism within their communities.