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My name is Martiniah, I am 36 years old and I have a great passion for travel, culture and adventure. I fell in love with the tourism industry 17 years ago when I had my first heartbreak. An aunt suggested a trip on a barge on the Tsiribihina River. I spent the three most wonderful days of my life. I was in the middle of nature, with simple people. We slept on the sand, we listened to authentic music in the heart of a wild nature. In the small villages we visited, the people were so authentic and simple. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to show my island to the whole world. For me, tourism is not just about visiting parks and staying in beautiful hotels. Tourism is much more than that. It's about discovering the daily life of the people, listening to their music, eating their food, exploring their culture.

Today, I offer trips that show all the facets of my country. With me, you will get to know the real Malagasy music, taste our delicious food and have the opportunity to live in the homes of the locals!

Like a Tour Operator, I offer tours that look classic on paper, but with real added value. I offer tailor-made tours, but also classic tours such as the famous RN7, each time with a touch of authenticity. You will be sure to discover the national parks that everyone talks about, but you will also see the backstage of the Malagasy life (music, gastronomy, culture). We propose home stays, cooking classes and many other surprises to guarantee you an unforgettable trip. Our packages includes accommodation, transport, all transfers, guidance and activities. You will only be responsible for your personal needs and catering.

All experiences can be provide in English, French and Malagasy.

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